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Own the home you love or build one. Get the much essential financial boost in owning your dream house with housing loans at Express Paisa. Associate with us for a smooth home loan journey and relax back with the loan process as we provide you the best deals from the top banks with lowest interest rates.

What is a Home Loan?

In today’s world, owning a house is a symbol of success. Everyone looks up to grab this once in a lifetime opportunity of owning their dream house. With exponentially rising prices of buying a house it is becoming extremely difficult to get the house in our budgets. At such instances, a home loan could be a huge relief as it ensures the management of required funds.

A home loan is a secured type of a loan wherein the house itself acts as a collateral against the loan. The repayment of loan can be bifurcated into simple and affordable monthly EMI’s over a period of few years. Generally, the interests on the home loans are much lower as it is a secured type of a loan. Based on your banking history and readiness with the down payment the loan amount and the tenure associated are devised by the banks.

Why Apply for Home Loan with Us?

Home loans are long term loans and it is highly important to have the right decision made at the start. By buying a home loan without researching banks and their interest rates you will end up repaying higher amounts in the long run. The experienced financial team at Express Paisa will analyze your exact requirement and provide you with the optimum financial solutions.

  • Free consulting for best home loan deal
  • Guaranteed lowest rate of interest
  • Low prepayment charges
  • Maximum loan value
  • Best EMI option
  • Maximum loan tenure
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What is the Eligibility for a Home Loan?

It is essential to know your eligibility before applying a home loan as it defines the type of the loan that you can apply for. Though the core eligibility criteria vary from bank to bank, the general ones are listed below;

Any salaried or self-employed professional

For salaried individuals of age between 21-58 and self-employed of age 25-65 having incomes 20k/month and 2lac/month respectively.

Repayment Capability

The amount of home loan sanctioned is decided based on the current income and banking history for the last 3 years for a salaried / self-employed professional.

Good CIBIL Score

A good CIBIL score is required for a quick approval of home loans as it checks your credit history over a period with other banks.


All the essential documents as suggested by the respective bank needs to be produced, out of which the fundamental ones are

  • Duly signed and filled application form
  • Identity and residence proof
  • Last 6 months bank statements
  • Latest 3 months salary slips for salaried person
  • Latest 3 years Income Tax Returns with computation of Income along with CA Certified / Audited Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account statements for self employed

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Steps at Express Paisa

Unlike other finance companies Express Paisa goes that extra mile in understanding a customer and then suggesting an apt product for the loan. Your personal banking executive from Express Paisa will be at your doorstep on demand to clear all your doubts and present you a perfect loan product.

It follows the following 4 simple steps for a quick approval of your loan

Select Loan Type

We will customize offers with the top banks and best deals for you covering all your needs, all at the comfort of your home

Application Submission

No need to take a single step out of your house as we will help you from application form filling to documents collection and submission

Verification by Banks and Credit Assessment

We will provide complete assistance on bank’s internal checks on your identity, residence, office, income, CIBIL, risk assessment

Instant Loan Approval and Disbursement

We will do the required follow ups with the banks and ensure you a smooth delivery of loan amount in your bank

Why Express Paisa?

There are companies and agencies which claim to provide loans with attractive numbers and offers but it is crucial to know the minute intricacies before finalization for the loan not to be a burden.

At Express Paisa, the team of experts helps the borrower with the accurate information of the loan type to be availed by understanding the specific requirement and then suggesting the optimal one with best interest rates.

  • Partnerships with over 50 Banks
  • 1 Crore+ Satisfied Customer Base
  • 125 Crore+ Monthly Loan Disbursal
  • Present in 75+ Locations Pan India
  • Hassle Free Express Loan Approval
  • Complete End to End Support
  • Services at the Comfort of Your Home with Home Delivery
  • 100% Free of Cost Service – No Hidden Charges
  • Negotiations for Higher Discounts & Lower Interest rates
  • Instant Quotes for Quick Decision Making
  • One Stop Shop for Applying and Comparing Loans
  • Average Ratings of 4.5+ by over Million Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Home loan gets sanctioned within 2 weeks of documents submission and successful verification.

Home loam can be provided for the following purpose:

Home Purchase Loan: This is the most common loan for purchasing a home.

Home Improvement Loan:  Implementing repair or renovation works can be done using this loan.

Home Construction Loan:  This loan is made available to construct a new home.

Home Extension Loan: These are provided if you want to either expand or extend your existing home. For example, addition of an extra room etc.

Home Conversion Loan:  This type of loan helps If you have financed your present home with a home loan and wish to purchase and move to another home and you need some additional funds. Through a home conversion loan, the existing loan is transferred to the new home, including the additional amount required, eliminating the need for pre-payment of the previous loan.

Land Purchase Loan:  It is solely sanctioned for purchasing a land.

Bridge Loan: It is designed for people who wish to sell the existing home and purchase another simultaneously.

Home Loan Balance Transfer:  It helps you to pay off an existing home loan with a higher interest rate, and avail another loan with a lower rate of interest.

Home Loans to NRIs:   NRIs wishing to build or buy a home in India can reap benefits of this loan.

Yes. Out of all the other loans, home loans are a great tool to avail tax benefit. This is offered to both the interest and principal components of home finance. Under section 24(1) interest repayment of Rs.1, 50,000 is eligible for exemption from tax while on the same housing loan a principal amount of Rs.1,00,000 is eligible.

Yes. You can apply jointly under your and your spouse’s name and both of your incomes will be considered for determination of loan quantum.

While buying a home loan jointly, generally any of your family members can be your co-applicant. The usual pairs are of husband-wife, father-son, and mother-son.

Choosing a lender is the foremost important thing to be kept in mind while deciding for a loan. Cheap Interest Rates should never be the only criteria considered. There are various factors to be well thought of like the tenure of the loan, its repayment amount etc.

We recommend floating rate loans over fixed rate ones. The core reason behind this is that we expect rates to trend down over coming months. Secondly, floating rate loans come with nil prepayment charges which are not possible with fixed rate loans.

Fixed rate loans may be advisable in a situation where you feel that your monthly cash flows (after paying off EMIs and other expenses) cannot take any additional burden/ unpredictable increases on account of interest rate rise. Fixed Rate loans, however come with a higher rate of interest than floating rate loans and typically carry a pre-payment penalty charge.

“How fixed is the so-called fixed rate?” is a different catch

A fixed rate is seldom fully fixed. Many of the banks offer fixed rate for the initial period and later convert them into floating ones. Though the total loan tenure might be of 30 years, fixed rate period may vary from 1-10 years. Many customers have often complained that they see a sharp increase in interest rate when the loan converts from fixed rate to floating rate. Always check first the applicable rate after the fixed rate period ends.

No. Usually, you don’t have to provide a guarantor. However, some lenders may demand one. For more details, you can visit our product browser section and get your queries solved.


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